RAW Pixel Photography by James S. Vooght
Staircase FallsStaircase FallsA small cascading staircase-like waterfall in Upstate New York.

Welcome. This is my way of sharing my adventure in learning and appreciating photography as a hobby and as an art form.


Welcome. RAW Pixel Photography by James S. Vooght is an adventure that started out of James' intense curiosity and desire to experience nature, sights, and anything in between. "As someone from the Hudson Valley Region, I want to explore and document the beauty and wonder that I witness while always learning and perfecting a craft."

James S. Vooght, Photographer
A life long resident of the Hudson Valley in lower New York State with a tendency to get lost in the world around him enjoying the sights, sounds and splendor of it all. James is also an eternal student, constantly taking in new knowledge and sharing it with others. He has been described anecdotally as "a sponge who absorbs information at an incredible rate" but learns by experimentation and "I wonder what would happen if..."
James has dedicated more than 20 years to the emergency services in the lower Hudson Valley Region, and has recently transitioned his career into the technology fields in IT and Networking. An avid hiker, camper and general outdoorsman James takes his time on the trail to enjoy nature around him and with his camera documents the best there is to see in the area.


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